Welcome! Thanks for coming by – we are still going strong after 37 years, so to prove we are still alive and playing,we thought it was about time we got a website.


Here we are at the 2011 Kelly Country Pick at Beechworth. We were back again in 2013.


The High Times String Band plays "old-timey" music and songs from North America and Australia - twin fiddle traditional Appalachian and Southern string band music, as well as Cajun, French Canadian , New England, and early Texas swing, with a bit of traditional Australian tunes and "hillbilly".

As well as concert performances  (and weddings, parties, anything.......), we have decades of experience as a traditional dance band - American squares and contras, and the usual Australian old time dance repertoire.

We are not doing much these days. Ken is doing a CD (with High Times and others) and we will of course be playing at the Yarra Junction Fiddlers' Convention.

Maggie Duncan is probably the hardest working dance caller in Australia, and definately one of the best. Shirley Andrews, who "wrote the book" on Australian traditional dance, told us in 1987 that we were the best band to dance to in Australia. We are still pretty hot.

, Melbourne, Victoria | 0451 680 266

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